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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 1, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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nd matt duffy. >> great time. >> thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm larry beil in for dan tonight, 45 million under watches and warnings at this hour. drivers losing control on the highway. from atlanta to d.c. and philly, from new york up to boston. lightning hitting the new world trade center. the alligator-infested waters. abc news breaks the story. the massive security failure at american airports. undercover, sneaking potential weapons and bombs. 70 tests. agents failing 67 of them. you've seen the close calls. >> ah! >> tonight, turning deadly. the american tourist killed. the lion attack right through the car window. the mystery fire. this evening, the funeral. and new developments. the suspect, the video, the pizza. now, the attorney who says police have the wrong man. and for the first time, leaving bruce jenner behind. the new name, the new look. we'll take you inside the room.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and for millions, the dark skies have already moved in. a night of severe storms ahead, from washington, d.c., up through philly, new york and boston. the map says it all. flash flood watches already in ten states as we come on. images from inside the storm zone tonight. lightning striking the new world trade center, the empire state building in the foreground there. this driver in hoboken, new jersey, being pushed through the floodwaters. and fish swimming in the middle of the flooded streets here in the northeast, this image from newark, new jersey. in atlanta, interstate 75 and 85, the water came down so fast, clogged storm drains there, cars stranded. chief meteorologist ginger zee with the new track at this hour, but first, abc's linsey davis with the very slow-moving monday commute. >> reporter: 45 million in the northeast still at risk for flash flooding tonight. >> i don't think my tires are on
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the road. >> reporter: in new jersey, a front-loader brought in to push drivers out. and these carp, displaced from an overflown river onto a nearby road. new york giants punter steve weatherford, posting on instagram his gratitude for being alive, after totaling this rental car early this morning in new jersey, saying he slammed into a massive body of water as he drove home for practice after visiting his newborn daughter. >> to be honest with you, i don't know how many times i spun around. >> reporter: with that torrential rain, lightning. that's new york's one world trade center getting struck. in georgia, rain, plus clogged storm drains, caused this massive backup on a major highway. in texas, a blessing of clear skies today, after more than 30 weather-related deaths here and in oklahoma. another ten people still missing. this time-lapse video from austin showing just how quickly flash floods can engulf roads. and tonight, more than 500 cows are safe, thanks to the heroic
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work of an old-fashioned cattle drive near houston. rescued from alligator-infested floodwatt earl floodwatt earls, carried by boat to dry land. more rain in the forecast throughout the northeast tonight, making for a rough commute home. david? >> yeah, just look at that slow-moving traffic tonight. linsey, thank you. let's get right to ginger zee, with the new track. >> reporter: the next 12 hours, i'm most concerned about, david. so, let's get straight to the map. you see that stationary front. very slow-moving. a couple of disturbances along it. that's bringing showers and thunderstorms all the way from the southeast up through the northeast. you saw the flash flood watches, in place, really through tomorrow. another two to three inches possible. remember, our ground, already saturated from what fell yesterday. and it's not just the rain that we're watching. we're also on top of the severe thunderstorms in the northern rockies. that's for tonight, with the severe thunderstorm watches. then it moves to the northern plains, tomorrow, large hail, strong winds from north dakota down into nebraska. >> you had to get off a plane today because of the bad weather. ginger zee tonight, thank you. and now, to that eye-opening undercover sting. abc news broke the story today. a major security breach at
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dozens of american airports. make-believe explosives and weapons sliding right past those tsa agents. 70 tests, they failed 67 of them. you're about to hear more about what they missed. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas again tonight. >> reporter: undercover agents from homeland security put tsa screeners to the test at dozens of the nation's busiest airports -- and they failed miserably. abc news has learned that tsa screeners were beaten in 95% of those tests, designed to see if mock explosives or weapons could be smuggled through airport security checkpoints. the tests before were conducted by so-called red team investigators, posing as passengers and using techniques that terrorists might employ. according to officials briefed on the results, tsa agents failed 67 out of 70 tests, with red team members repeatedly able to get potential bombs or weapons through security. >> any time there's a high rate of misses, that causes concern. >> reporter: sources tell us, in one test, an undercover agent
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was stopped after setting off an alarm at a magnetometer, but tsa screeners failed to detect the fake explosive device that was taped to his back during the pat-down that followed. >> the terrorists do watch this thing. they do watch and they go to school on how they can learn from possible vulnerabilities. >> i'm jeh johnson. >> reporter: homeland security secretary jeh johnson was so frustrated when he was informed of the results, he went to tsa headquarters last week to get some answers. his staff says corrections have been made to deal with the alarming lapses. david, it's unclear what security upgrades have been ordered by johnson, but some are reportedly already in place. ever mindful that al qaeda and other terrorist groups are obsessed with using aviation against us. david? >> pierre thomas, who broke this story on "gma." pierre, thank you. tonight, the state department confirming that 24-year-old victim, an american tourist, killed while on safari in south africa. attacked by a lion as she sat inside her car. abc's matt gutman tonight. >> reporter: tonight, rangers at the lion park safari
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investigating what went wrong when a lion mauled an american tourist, killing her. the unnamed american woman and her guide entered the lion enclosure before 2:30 local time. >> the lady was busy taking pictures of it. >> reporter: that open window against explicit park rules. >> the lion then sort of lunged at the car and it bit the lady through the window. our staff immediately rushed over to chase the lion away and the gentleman that was driving, he sustained some injuries to his arms trying to get the lion out, as well. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands visit south africa's safaris every year, and lion park is one of the most popular, even hosting celebrities. advertising super up-close animal views, guaranteed. but sometimes, the resident lions get a little too close. like this one. >> ah! >> you're supposed to lock the door. >> reporter: somehow opening the door of a family's car. another growling at kids. tonight, rangers telling abc
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news they won't kill the attacking lion, but will move it to an enclosure, away from the public. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> matt, thank you. there are new developments tonight in the case of that family murdered. their home set on fire. the mother and father, their young son, the housekeeper all killed inside that home. this evening, the victims laid to rest. the daughters who survived, away at school at the time, surrounded by loved ones. and tonight, there is new focus on that surveillance tape, the figure captured on it. and the attorney who now says authorities have the wrong man. here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: tonight, hundreds of friends and family grieving the loss of savvas savopoulos, his wife amy and their 10-year-old son, phillip, brutally killed along with their housekeeper. teenagers carrying the smallest casket. just moments ago, the surviving family members lined up with others as the hearses carried those coffins to the cemetery. the suspect, daron wint, now arrested in connection with their killing, professing his
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innocence, saying his former lawyer after meeting with him many jail. >> he is resolute in the belief, and i also harbor the same belief, that he wouldn't kill anybody. >> reporter: the lawyer has not yet been retained by wint, has not seen the evidence, nor would he comment on whether wint has an alibi. but he challenges some of the evidence police have collected, like wint's dna, found on a pizza crust in the home. saying wint doesn't even like pizza. and he claims about the police -- >> they lied when he said that he was the man in the video. >> reporter: but police insist wint is in this video, running from the family's burned porsche, shortly after the home was set on fire. wint once worked for savopoulos' steel manufacturing company, but left over a decade ago. >> he had nothing against the deceased man. >> reporter: after the service today, the family stood close together on the church steps, watching their loved ones pass by, one final time. ryan smith, abc news, washington.
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>> ryan, thank you. to washington tonight, and to a fierce debate. the nsa and those controversial surveillance programs, gathering information on private phone records and e-mails. tonight on hold, as lawmakers debate the patriot act, now expired. but many are asking, who's now tracking the so-called lone wolves in this country in the meantime? here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: for nearly 24 hours now, the program that gathers and searches americans' phone records has been shut down. the bulk data program, revealed by former nsa contractor edward snowden, one of some of the provisions of the patriot act which expired. but law enforcement tonight are more worried about other parts which leave them partially blind. >> so, i'm left looking for needles in a haystack, where the needles are increasingly invisible to me. >> reporter: expired -- roving wiretaps, which allow law enforcement to follow a terrorist, and not just on one phone. if a suspect changes phones, even multiple times, the tracking continues. expired -- lone wolf tracking.
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investigators could track a suspect without a subpoena. now, they will have to go to court for each case. >> and if i lose those tools, it is a huge problem. >> reporter: as of tonight, those tools are gone because of a political fight here. they should be reinstated later in the week, but between now and then, law enforcement says its job will be tougher. david? >> david kerley on capitol hill for us. overseas tonight, the battle for control of iraq. days after iraqi fighters vowed to take back the stronghold city of ramadi from isis. new images tonight showing iraqi aircraft unleashing air strikes on suspected isis targets. an armored vehicle. a hideout. this as we learn 2,300 u.s.-issued humvees fell into the hands of isis fighters when they previously seized mosul. back here at home and right here in new york city tonight, new images of that terrifying accident on a busy city street. look at this. a plume of smoke where a 12-ton air conditioning unit plunged 30 stories. this image of the aftermath, ripping a giant hole through that ceiling.
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tonight, authorities saying pedestrians, drivers on the street below, dodging a bullet. abc's tom llamas on the scene. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say when it hit, it sounded like a bomb, creating this huge dust cloud. >> something just fell. >> reporter: this is what fell from the sky -- an industrial ac unit, nearly 12 tons. the street, covered in glass, steel, even office chairs that fell out of the damaged building. >> i hope nobody's hurt. and there's the crane man. holy [ bleep ]. >> reporter: inside of this crunched car, a couple that came just inches from losing their lives. >> we heard an impact on the top and then the back. the back impact pushed us, like into a fire hydrant. car start smoking in the front, so, i said, we got to get out of here. >> reporter: the air conditioning system was being hoisted into this midtown manhattan building when the cord holding it snapped. the unit and debris hit the tiered building here, here and right here, before landing on the street and the sidewalk.
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this new image, an up-close look at the damage from the 15th floor. ten people were hurt in the accident, but david, when you look at all this damage, it's amazing nobody was seriously wounded. one theory investigators are looking at, as the unit was hoisted into the building, the floors buckled, sending it crashing to the ground. david? >> all right, tom llamas with us from new york, tom, thanks. tonight, secretary of state john kerry headed back to the u.s. now after breaking his leg in france over the weekend. flying onboard a specially outfitted u.s. military plane, accompanied now by his orthopedic surgeon. kerry will receive medical treatment in boston. the race for 2016 tonight. south carolina senator linsey graham making it official, tonight, joining the republican field. citing his experience on national security, saying he's more qualified than any other candidate in the race. adding quote, that includes you, hillary. there are new details tonight in the federal case involving former speak of the house dennis hastert, due in court on thursday on those
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charges, what federal prosecutors call a $3.5 million secret. accused of paying hush money to conceal alleged sexual misconduct from his days as a high school teacher and wrestling coach. tonight, word of a possible second victim as hastert's alma mater, wheaton college, removes his name from the public policy school on their campus. tonight, the nation remembering the vice president's son, beau biden, who died over the weekend at the age of 46 from brain cancer. their father/son bond, marked by private tragedy early in life, and, of course, public triumph later. survived by his wife and their children. tonight, here's abc's jim avila. >> reporter: this is how most americans met beau biden, the picture of health, embracing his famous father at the 2008 democratic convention. >> i'm beau biddenen and joe biden is my dad. >> reporter: joe biden, now grieving for the second time over family dying too soon. when beau was just 3, he and his brother survived a car crash that killed his mother and sister. >> incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i'm not
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sure i would have had, had i not been through what i went through. >> reporter: those words coming just two days before announcing beau was in the hospital for a recurrence of brain cancer. difficult to treat, even more stubborn if it comes back. beau, twice elected as attorney general of delaware, lost his battle on saturday night. >> a father knows he's a success when he turns and looks at his son or daughter and know they turned out better than he did. i'm a success -- i'm a hell of a success. beau, i love you. >> reporter: tonight, friends of the bidens say they are relying on faith and family to survive. no funeral plans announced yet. david? >> jim avila tonight from the white house. jim, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. leaving bruce jenner behind. the american olympic hero, leaving his past behind him, now moving forward, revealing her new name, her new look. we will take you inside that room tonight, in her own words, this big new step.
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also, the big ruling from the supreme court tonight. this young woman who took on abercrombie & fitch. who won? that story coming up after the break. and, the young actress and the stalker who broke free from the mental hospital, crawling out through a window. there is a manhunt tonight. song: rachel platten "fight song" ♪ two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me. ♪ i'll take those odds. ♪ be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford edge. for the millions of americans suffering from ringing in their ears, there's no such thing as quiet time. but you can quiet the ringing with lipo-flavonoid, the number-one doctor-recommended brand. relieve the ringing with lipo-flavonoid.
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next tonight, bruce jenner no longer. re-emerging today with her new name and her new look. abc's amy robach takes us into the room, a brave olympian, transformed. >> very, very proud of the accomplishment. >> reporter: tonight, the first images from inside that room. the "vanity fair" photo shoot. no longer bruce jenner. she is now caitlyn jenner. and she'll be on the cover of "vanity fair" out next week. jenner, speaking candidly about this last step, during the photo shoot with famed photographer annie liebowitz. >> bruce always had to tell a lie. he was always living that lie. every day, he always had a secret. from morning till night. caitlyn doesn't have any secrets. >> reporter: jenner says it's
5:48 pm
been a life-long struggle that we first learned about one-on-one with diane. >> are you a woman? >> yes. for all intents and purposes, i am a woman. people look at me differently. they see you as this macho male. but my heart and my soul and everything that i do in life, it is part of me. >> reporter: now the former olympic champion, crossing that final hurdle. >> the last few days of doing this shoot was about my life and who i am as a person. >> reporter: jenner tweeting just today -- "i'm so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self. welcome to the world caitlyn. can't wait for you to get to know her/me." she is not throwing away her past victories. >> ate a lot of wheaties. >> reporter: still proud of that champion on the wheaties box. >> i was probably at the games because i was running away from a lot of things. very, very proud of the accomplishment. i don't want to diminish that accomplishment. >> reporter: tonight, jenner's daughters showing their support. this from khloe -- "caitlyn, you are beautiful!"
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>> soon as the "vanity fair" cover comes out, i'm free. >> amy, thank you. and tomorrow on "gma," the writer of that article for "vanity fair." when we come back here tonight, the supreme court ruling about what you post on facebook. also, the dangerous accident on stage. the popular singer, the drone slicing his hand, hiding it behind his back as he continues to perform. we have new word on his condition. and the scare tonight for a young actress, her stalker breaking out of a mental hospital through a window. the manhunt now under way. heeks don't have to. defy gravity with juvéderm voluma®. the first and only injectable gel approved by the fda to instantly add volume to your cheek area. as you age, it's not just about lines and wrinkles. your cheeks lose volume and can sag. voluma instantly adds volume to create contour and lift to the apples of your cheeks for a more youthful profile
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5:53 pm
crawling out of a window in a mental health facility in california. authorities are now searching tonight. and, a dangerous accident for singer enrique iglesias, undergoing reconstructive hand surgery today. slicing his fingers, grabbing a drone during his concert this weekend. he performed for 30 more minutes, hiding his heavily bandaged hand from thousands of fans. he is expected to be okay. and when we come back here tonight, one incredible photo finish. you have to see this, it will make you smile on a monday night. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower?
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take a close look at this photo. harriet and sydnor thompson of charlotte, north carolina, and what a life. parents to five, grandparents to ten. she began running in the 1970s. her first marathon at 76. and this weekend, her hand to her heart, about to do it again at 92. on the left, there's harriet. a two-time cancer survivor, her 16th marathon. this one in san diego. seven hours, 24 minutes later -- >> holy moly! it's harriet! >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> i feel wonderful. >> reporter: she set a new world record. the oldest woman to ever complete a marathon. >> it's nice to have broken a record, i suppose. but that wasn't my main goal. >> reporter: you got through 26 miles, 385 yards. >> is that what it is? >> reporter: it is. i mean, i'm lucky if i can get through ten minutes on the treadmill. >> i'm glad i didn't have to count that when i was running.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: she told me what she was doing was playing music in her head. harriet has played at carnegie recital hall three times and was playing her most difficult pieces to get her through the marathon. >> i think you have to be feeling, you can do it! and just keep saying that to yourself. >> we love harriet. and we'll see you tomorrow. good night. clay thompson working out with the team, the question remains will he play in game one? >> a controversial fire
5:59 pm
prevention plan. tonight, the removal of hundreds of trees. >> can putting a swimming pool in your backyard actually save water touring the drought? >> they made a movie about me. >> this man has an impressive resume. if only it were true. the i team investigates a new case of stolen valor. >> good evening. >> he's been able to convince veterans groups he's the second most decorated soldier from world war ii. >> he was honored over the weekend but the i team was on hand as well to reveal the truth. dan noyes is here now with the story. dan? >> there is a network of people across the country who work to expose the phonies. this started to the pow network
6:00 pm
and retired navy s.e.a.l.s contacted me knowing i would check it out. the uss hornet museum honored an 89-year-old as a member of the underwater demolition team that predated navy s.e.a.l. >> my team destroyed 80% of the fleet in the ballotic sea. lost 19 out of 30 men. i cried. >> he told the audience his missions earned him a navy cross. >> that was stuck down below in the ship. it burned up. i woke up four hours later. >> he said he was the youngest lieutenant commander ever to serve in the navy. . >> i went through the navy there.


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